Virtual, Physical Prepaid Debit Card, Ewallet Solution in USA

Fees & Costing


Credit & Debit Card

The 4% charge (or a minimum charge of USD 2 which ever is higher) is the charge that CuminUp charge to merchant on every credit or debit card transaction. For example, if the transaction is USD100.00, then CuminUp will charge 4% from this USD100.00, which is equivalent to USD4.00.

Applicable for basic and advanced package only.


1.5% (or a minimum charge of USD1 which ever is higher) on any transaction that customer made through local supported bank such as JPMorgan Chase, CuminUp will charge 1.5% per transaction, regardless the transaction amount.

Applicable for all package.


3% (or a minimum charge of USD1.50 which ever is higher) on any transaction that customer made through supported e-Wallet provider.

Applicable for Advance and Special package only.

Credit & Debit Card for Special Package

The 2.5% charge(or a minimum charge of USD3.00 which ever is higher) is the charge that CuminUp charge to merchant on every credit/debit card transaction on Special Package subscribers account.

Applicable for special package only.



Yearly Fees

Ask us via [email protected]

Registration Process

3 easy steps to become CuminUp merchant: Registration, Verification and Approval.

No additional fees

No application and setup fees when registering with CuminUp.

Who can register?

Registration are open to all Business and Organization registered.

Approval time

Estimated approval time is between 3-5 days from the day you complete the document submission.

Contract term

You can opt to cancel subscription at any time with no additional charges.


Wednesday & Friday

Settlement will be made, twice a week, Wednesday and Friday. Except public holiday.

Minimum of USD100

Each settlement must value more than USD100. If not achieve, the amount will be forwarded to the next processing day.

No settlement fees

No settlement fees will be charged. CuminUp will transfer them automatically to your account.

No trading limit

Unlimited transaction count and unlimited amount for every settlement. Let that sales grow!


Chargeback fees
Processing currency
Oversea payment
TT charges


US Dollar (USD)


Not available


Merchant ID (MID)

upon request with additional charges

upon request with additional charges


If you're developing your own webstore, we also have some ready plugin (FREE & PREMIUM) available for you to use with:

For more customization or mobile app integration, use our OPEN API available for advance and special package subscriptions.



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