Virtual, Physical Prepaid Debit Card, Ewallet Solution in USA

Chat/Messenger Apps to Sell on social media

Accepts payment directly through chat!

Easy-to-use online billing solution provider company in USA. CuminUp is the latest E-shopping solution provider with top e-Invoicing software solution. Get payment URL services with easy payment solution in USA.

If you mainly interact with your customer through whatsapp application, here’s a wonderful news for you! Simply share your payment link to your customer and they can make payment to you directly!

1. Confirm order with your customer

2. Share payment link through chat application

3. Customer click and make payment directly

You'll be notified immediately once customer made a payment

You’ll receive an email to notify you when a payment has been succesfully made or simply login to your dashboard to check their payment status. No more waiting for payment slip and also no more fraud!

1. Receive a notification email.

2. Login to your dashboard to see order details.

3. Pack and ship your orders..

Accepts payment directly through chat!

If you mainly interact with your customer through messenger application, here’s a wonderful news for you! Simply accept payments through Facebook by sharing your payment link with your customer and they can make payment to you directly!

1. Confirm order with your customer.

2. Share payment link through messenger apps.

3. Customer click and make payment directly!

Marketplace for all products

You don’t have to install other apps to sell your products anymore! Simply create a product and start selling on Facebook marketplace account and let people find you!

1. Create a product from marketplace function.

2. Simplify and paste your link on description.

3. Publish to your wall and other groups you join.

Turn your daily post into an ads post

Simply paste your payment link on your post and Facebook will auto generate the link to easy click view with a photo taken directly from the payment form itself. We make online adds promotions through Facebook super easy and quick with just few steps.

1. Paste your link on your post.

2. Wait a few second for facebook to generate the view.

3. Publish to your timeline.

Catalogue for your ads, and let user pick!

A catalogue is a container that holds information about all the items you want to advertise or sell across the Facebook family of apps. For selling products on Facebook you can connect your catalogue to different channels to show people your items, including Instagram Shopping, dynamic ads, collection ads, Page shops and more. And with our product payment form, simply link your ads directly to your payment form link for easier purchase!

1. Go to Catalogue Manager at and select Create Catalogue

2. Select Upload product info to add items and link your payment form for each products

3. Set up your catalogue for ads that automatically promote your most relevant items using Dynamic Ads

Every post is a product’s ad

Today social media cashless billing software providers in USA have expanded their reach by using eCommerce software development platforms, including e-store solutions.

Instagram is today’s gallery wall. Showcase the best photo of your products or services and simply link them to your payment form to start selling! Make your instagram your product gallery.

1. Shorten your payment link. We suggest you to use Google

2. Paste on your instagram post caption

3. Use hashtags to reach more people with your post!

Product collection form on your bio sells more, faster

If you have a collection of product of the season, or your top-rated item, or anything really (it’s up to you), link them on your bio! Let your follower know where to buy them easily.

1. Put up to 10 products on a single collection form

2. Copy payment form link

3. Paste to your bio link

Swipe up to buy

For users with a swipe up function on their insta stories, why don’t you use that to gain more sale? Link your payment form directly from your insta stories and capture more customers.

1. Create an insta story like you normally would

2. Click on link icon to add link to your story.

3. Paste your payment form link and publish!

Wherever you can embed your link,you can sell your products

A lot of us know the hassle of holding a long pursuading conversation with a customer only to have them leave the room before transferring payment to you. Some may pay, some may forget.

But with CuminUp, complete customer order and let them pay right from the chat application itself! It’s fast, it’s safe, it’s easy!